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Birth of a Utopia

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Birth of a Utopia

Rawabi is the first new Planned city in the West Bank, built for Palestinians. The city is a private real estate project. Once finished, it should host between 25,000 and 40,000 people. Rawabi has received huge attention, both from the international media and Palestine, but it also raised enthusiasm and indignation amongst the Palestinian public.

Like the Renaissance utopia of “Ideal Cities”, aspiring to human and architectural perfection, Rawabi’s urban model seems to embrace the qualities of “good citizenship” expected for the future State of Palestine. However, giving the context of the Israeli occupation, the project is commercially extremely ambitious, and technically risky.

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Thurs 20 Sept - Sat 20 Oct
Old Tax Office Building
South Esplanade
Open every day
10am - 4pm

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Andrea & Magda

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Andrea and Magda are a duo of photographers from France and Italy. They live and work mostly in the Middle East since 2008. They interrogate the models shaping contemporary societies in the Middle East in a context of globalization, exploring the economic, cultural and architectural aspects. Their work has been shown in different photography events and museums such as La Maison Européenne de la Photo or Fotomuseo Bogotà and has been published in magazines internationally, including Time, Newsweek, Sunday Times Magazine and Internazionale. They recently received the support of CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques). They have recieved the Marco Pesaresi prize for Birth of a utopia.

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