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Abendlied (Evening Song) is a personal exploration into the topics of family, memory, and loss. It examines how individual relationships in a family are shaped by the processes of growing up, aging, and eventually letting go. It reveals how this circle of life not only contributes to an ebb and flow of connection, but also to a feeling of separation within the family bond.

Although a personal inquiry, Abendlied reflects on the broader psychological components of identity, heritage and belonging. How are we shaped by the place we call home? What happens to us when we lose this foundational base? How does it continue to live inside of us, even if it ceases to exist in its physical form? Can it be replaced? These questions are an essential byproduct of our human condition, and even though individual answers may vary, we are undeniably united as humans by the fact that the place we come from leaves a fundamental imprint on us.

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Thurs 20 Sept - Sat 20 Oct
Old Tax Office Building
South Esplanade
Open every day
10am - 4pm

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Birthe Piontek

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Birthe Piontek achieved an MFA in Photography and Communication Design, University of Essen, Germany.

She has exhibited worldwide with prominent solo exhibitions in Germany, Canada and the USA.

Birthe is has been published widely in leading industry publications and press worldwide.

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