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History of the Future

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History of the Future

The History of the future is nostalgia.

The layering of human history is implicit in any landscape in which people, over the centuries, have interacted. What remains, and what will be left later of humanity’s hard and soft materials? How will our descendants attach significance to them? Will digital photography leave visual archaeology that will have any meaning to future generations? Will contemporary art photography aid or hinder the communication of knowledge to our descendants?

This exhibition is part of a larger body of work, which is part record of Guernsey, and part speculation on the scope and limitations of photography in its capacity to impart information to future generations.

The visual clues to our past which are the subject of this project, often prompt memory and nostalgia. But what we leave in the picture and how we choose to remember it is a matter of choice - one which we could perhaps engage more consciously.

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Thurs 20 Sept - Sat 20 Oct
Old Tax Office Building
South Esplanade
Open every day
10am - 4pm

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Mark Windsor

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Mark Windsor was born in Guernsey, he studied at the London College of Printing and at Derby Lonsdale College before undertaking post-graduate study of community photography and Documentary Photography in the Visual Arts Department of Lancaster University.

He worked as a freelance writer in the UK before returning to Guernsey to work as a photographer/journalist. Mark continues to practice and study photography and has recently returned to freelance work and is now undertaking new commissions.