Artist in Residence

Mark Power

Since 2012, the Guernsey Photography Festival has expanded its activities by annually commissioning an international artist to produce a specific body of work about the Bailiwick’s of Guernsey. In 2017 we invited internationally renowned Magnum Photographer: Mark Power.

By stepping back from traditional documentary photography and taking a more experimental approach, Power manages to go to the quintessence of the environment he is exploring. He likes concentrating on evocative objects, gestures, materials and even animals that cross his path. Using a ring flash, he highlights the rawness, the peculiar traces that we leave behind while getting on with our daily life, while his large format camera captures landscapes that define and encapsulate the territory.

These two elements combine to offer the viewer a remarkable view of Guernsey. The images deviate from traditional picturesque representations and redefine the notion of beauty. Like a researcher in his lab, Power operates a very meticulous visual investigation. His work is a personal artistic interpretation of an unfamiliar, but strangely familiar, small island and its unique identity.