Guernsey Photography Festival 2021

The Netherlands


Perfect Pearl

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Are you a thirty-year-old woman in China and unmarried? Then you might be called a Faded Pearl, a pearl that has lost its shine and value. “Young women struggle with the ambition, and fear, to become a Perfect Pearl” Fallaux says. The Perfect Pearl is a compelling meditation on young love which combines film, photography, installation, love letters and WeChat poetry. The series examines how high expectations coming from a young woman’s social environment makes these young women question their dreams and fantasies about love. Fallaux asks, how do this generation of young females feel about the traditional belief of marriage as the only and ultimate expression of a woman’s love? How each individual shapes her life and expresses her existence in an ongoing source of lasting inspiration for Fallaux.

About Tara

Tara Fallaux is a photographer and film director who studied Film and Photography in various schools across The Netherlands and the US. Once graduating from Carnegie Mellon University School of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh, Tara started her career as a portrait and documentary photographer for magazines in New York and Amsterdam. Since then, Fallaux worked as a freelance photographer combining personal photography and film projects with commercial work.

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To learn more about Tara Fallaux and her work visit: and follow her on Instagram: @tara_fallaux